Industrial Floor Coatings

Finding the right flooring solution for an Industrial Floor Coatings space can be a very challenging mission. Not only do you need to find an affordable solution, but you also need something that can handle heavy traffic and which will not pose a risk to your employees.

Nowadays, more and more people choose epoxy flooring solutions for industrial and commercial spaces. This type of floor is affordable, convenient and it is perfectly designed to satisfy the needs of an industrial space.

If you are not sure whether or not this is the right choice for your business, check out the following 3 advantages of epoxy floors.

Many commercial and industrial spaces have unique flooring needs that far outstrip the capabilities of standard options like wood, ceramic tile, or even concrete.

Epoxy flooring has a history of extraordinary performance in commercial warehouses, garages, and laboratories. This is because it resists corrosive chemicals, won’t crack or chip, and requires very little maintenance to keep clean.

Epoxy floors are capable of meeting a wide variety of specific needs, from safety to efficiency, while managing to also edge its competition, when it comes to cost and convenience

Industrial Floor Coatings

Easy installation

Compared to other industrial flooring solutions, epoxy coatings can be installed fast and without too much effort. However, it is best not to leave this task to an untrained person, as it does require some skill, as well as professional equipment. For the best results, look for a reputable flooring company like Treadwell, the best Kansas City epoxy flooring company. Treadwell only employs expert flooring contractors, and they have a lot of experience with industrial and commercial flooring solutions. It is important to choose contractors that are highly experienced with epoxy coatings, because when it is applied properly, this type of floor can resist several years, without requiring any maintenance or repairs. Moreover, once the damages start to appear, they can be easily masked with paint.

Unmatched Durability

Coat a concrete floor with epoxy, and you elevate its durability to the point where it’s practically indestructible. In an extremely harsh environment, like an airplane hanger, nothing else can withstand the astronomical weight of airplanes, and the equipment needed to maintain them.

Epoxy flooring for Industrial Floor Coatings is extremely resistant to abrasion, even in the form of exposure to hazardous substances like fuel and industrial cleaners. Epoxy will not erode and, unlike uncoated concrete, these dangerous substances cannot seep through a porous surface to spread, and potentially cause harm.

An epoxy coating is so seamless, that the hazardous material will pool in place, and can then be safely and thoroughly removed. This is a necessity, especially in a medical laboratory that deals with potentially bio hazardous materials.

Versatile designs for brighter spaces

The main design advantage of epoxy floor coatings is that they increase the brightness in any space. Since most industrial spaces are quite dark, this flooring solution can be very helpful. It can increase the brightness in a room by as much as 200%. Moreover, it comes in countless design options and you can combine different patters to designate pathways and activity areas. Moreover, it delivers an anti-slip surface that will prevent accidents at work.

Meeting High Safety And Cleanliness Standards

The flooring that meets the needs of a mechanic shop, for example, has to manage the presence of slick oils, by providing advanced resistance to skidding and slipping.

Epoxy can deliver, with an anti slip coating that will help to ensure that mechanics stay safe around heavy machinery. The coating is also very easy to clean, so that spills aren’t going to paralyze operations.

Because epoxy flooring is nonporous and highly resistant to bacteria, this flooring also makes it possible to eliminate contaminants to the specifications needed by spaces where cleanliness is serious business, like hospitals or laboratories.

It is durable and low maintenance

Epoxy floors can handle even the heaviest traffic, so they are perfect for any industrial environment. Moreover, this type of floor is not at all high maintenance. Sometimes, it can work just fine, even without requiring paint over the epoxy coat. The epoxy coating is easy to clean, and it resists oil stains as well as water damage. The seamless surface can even withstand heavy chemicals, so it is a great choice for manufacturing plants, and it can be sanitized according to the needs of every business.

Attractive Appearance And High Performance

Epoxy flooring has the unique quality of making the floor highly reflective, which is both attractive and extremely practical. You can lower energy costs by needing less lighting, such as when inspecting under aircraft.

It also makes it easier to spot stray nuts and bolts on the garage floor. Scuffs and marks are easy to wipe away, and this flooring is capable of helping the business truly look its best