We offer epoxy floor paint application services as well as
a variety of other flooring services for commercial buildings
and industrial facilities

Resinous Flooring

Resinous Flooring
Resinous flooring involves applying a base of resinous material to concrete, creating a smooth, non-porous flooring surface. Resinous flooring is typically cast or poured in place then is cured, allowing it to set completely. These flooring systems can be decorative and are very chemical resistive.

Resinous Floor Removal

Resinous Floor Removal
Our crew utilizes specially designed modern machines to remove the epoxy across a floor's surface to make room for your desired new floor

Concrete Floor Preparation

Concrete slabs are never completely flat when they are poured and finished. This is why concrete floor preparation is required before other floor coverings can be installed.

Line Marking

Western Canada Coatings specialise in white line markings in Vancouver for schools, car parks, We offer White line markings and line painting services for office car parks

Resinous Floor Maintenance

How Long Do Epoxy Floors Last
Perform Routine Maintenance Cleaning. Like any floors, epoxy requires simple maintenance measures to stay shiny and aesthetically pleasing